What is Kiyono? Kiyono is my 3rd WordPress theme in honor of my grandmother. Kiyono is a minimal simple blog theme, yet it is equipped with five block patterns and a blank template for those who is experimenting with WordPress’s Latest Full Site Editing. Kiyono is a responsive and Gutenberg ready theme. Kiyono theme is under GPL license.

Accessibility ready theme

Kiyono is accessibility ready theme. It passes rigorous review process based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines. It helps creating inclusive websites and improve the user experience for those who rely on assistive technologies.

Block patterns

Kiyono includes five block patterns. The block patterns is WordPress’s new feature that let users set up a web page quickly using predefined layout patterns. Simply insert the block patterns.

Full width cover with black background
Full width cover and 2 columns with beige background

Full site editor (FSE) ready

Kiyono includes the experimental blank template. The blank templates is an empty template with just necessary scripts that works on the back end. With the blank template, you can create your own unique pages or entire webiste using the block editor.

Customizer options

  • Choose big or normal text size for the site name on desktop.
  • Show or hide the search icon in the header on desktop.
  • Show a placeholder image for the posts missing a featured image.
  • Show or hide the feature image on a single post.
  • Keep or remove animation on feature images for better accessibility.

Be sure to check out my other theme honoring my other grandmother Yoneko and my great-grandmother Momoyo*.

*Momoyo was created in 2018 and currently outdated. I am planning to update to implement the block theme support in the near future.

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